Plank Grilled Brie with Apricot Chutney


We visited Adam’s family over the weekend and were treated to one of our favorite appetizers – grilled brie with apricot chutney.  Brie is one of my absolute favorite foods and I will find any excuse to eat it.  Valentine’s Day?  We eat brie.  Birthday?  We eat brie.  Friday?  Let’s buy some brie.  On top of being possibly the best cheese ever, Adam’s mom cans apricot chutney herself and then pours it on top of the warm, bubbly brie.  Perfection in the shape of a circle.

What’s so great about grilled brie is that it is pretty easy to make and the ingredients are simple.  You need a cedar grilling plank, a wheel of brie and a topping of your choice – for us, apricot chutney.  You can buy the plank and a variety of chutneys from Whole Foods, if you’re not lucky enough to know someone who makes chutney from scratch.  This may not be my healthiest blog post, but it is probably the tastiest.


  • First, follow directions on the cedar plank to make sure it is properly soaked before use.  Adam’s parents soaked this plank for 2 hours before heating up the grill.  You want the grill to be on low to medium heat so the plank doesn’t burst into flame – apparently this has happened before, so beware.
  • Next, cut the top off of the brie wheel.  Adam’s mom was nice enough to let Adam and I photograph her in action:


  • Place brie on plank and put them on the grill.


  • Keep an eye on the brie – in about 10-15 minutes you should have a bubbly warm brie ready to be served.


  • Put your topping of choice on the warm brie.  Serve with crackers and/or a baguette.  Then dig in and enjoy some melt-in-your-mouth cheesy deliciousness!


In case you had any doubts, this family-favorite appetizer disappears pretty quickly!


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